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Find your Bliss.

Cultivate deeper Connection.

We oftentimes feel stuck inside ourselves; longing, seeking and feeling unsettled.

Release the mind. Nourish your Soul. Through this unique healing technique and specific type of Breathwork we can release the dense blocks & energies in the body making room for our True Purpose in Life.

Feelings of unworthiness, fear of being seen & heard, needing to be perfect, trauma, deep wounds, unresolved emotional pain & grief block our connection with ourselves and others. Come home to your body. Step into your Greatness. Find your Bliss.

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Lance Daniel Smith

"Catching my Breath"

My true calling is to help other's deepen & broaden their human connection. Using the Breath as a vehicle to turn down the volume of Mind, I guide you through the process of releasing  core-limiting beliefs.

The story of my Journey...Coming Soon!!

"Relationships are hard. Relationships take work. Relationships are beautiful. No matter how long you have been in a relationship everyone needs help and guidance at times. Lance Smith has helped my relationship through Breathwork and meditation. He has so much knowledge and faith in the power of healing through breathwork. If you or anyone you know could use some healing reach out to him and get that amazing healing you deserve."

Laureanne Goblet

Kansas City, MO

"Safe and reliable environment. Lance’s classes teach you to allow your body to return to its natural state of wellbeing!
I’d never tried breath work before I started with Lance and his playful supportive secure approach was just right for me."

Lorissa Brunk, M.A.,LPC

Corona Del Mar, CA



Planet Earth

\\ Tel: 415-571-5705


Your Privacy is always Sacred!

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